Upholstery Cleaning

Have you ever thought about cleaning your furniture?  Most people do not even give it a thought.  In fact, a recent survey showed that only 49% of furniture owners have their upholstery cleaned, and they only do so every other year.  Routine, regular cleaning of your furniture is important to protect the fabric, but also to extend the life and protect the health of all those that enjoy the furniture.

Furniture manufactures are now recommending that consumers not wait until severe soiling has occurred before having them professionally cleaned.  If you do, you are less likely to restore the fabric to its original state and appearance.  Regular cleaning (recommended at least once a year) by a professional upholstery cleaner, such as Chicago Carpet Cleaners can help you keep your furniture’s appearance looking like new.

There are three main benefits in using professional upholstery cleaners:

  • Durability – by keeping your furniture clean, you will extend its life. Accumulation of bodily oils, dead skin cells, food and soil particles, dust mites, fungus and more, will break down the fibers in your furniture, causing it to lose its shape, color and texture much faster than normal.  Regular maintenance will protect the durability of your furniture for years to come.
  • No Allergens – furniture attracts allergens. With everything from dust mites to fungus and bacteria, upholstery is a common breading ground and can be a major respiratory hazard.  Our professionally trained staff can take care of these allergens, giving you a healthier environment to live in.
  • Fresh – chances are your furniture is lived on. In fact, it is thought to be one of the most popular “hangout” areas for most households.  Imagine how often your furniture is used and sat upon, and how many different people utilize that furniture.  It will build up smells over a period of time, in which professional cleaning is the only way to freshen it and return it to a “good” smelling piece of furniture.

No one likes to live in a dirty environment, so why would you neglect the cleaning of your furniture?  Don’t struggle with trying to clean your upholstery yourself, you may experience worse issues, such as ruined fabrics and increased mold due to over-watered cleaning.  Chicago Carpet Cleaners is your upholstery cleaning experts and can take care of all of your needs efficiently and effectively.  Start by contacting us today and let us provide you with a free in-home estimate on returning your furniture to its original state.
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